sabato 15 novembre 2014

The Dedale Book - Minesweeper Collective


"The Dedale Book" is ready and on sale!

                                Get your copy for just £15!

"The Dedale Book is a crazy Labyrinth, full of drawings and 


where you can get lost.

The labyrinth is a symbol of our lives: our everyday life,

our mental life, our subconscious."

More than 20 artists have been involved in only one amazing handmade book
screen-printed at
Creative Art Space in London.
November 2014

Rodolphe Gauthier - Kevin Seven - Illustre Feccia -
Clara Moon - Enrico Cornuda - Hintone Trottolì Sturbì -
Jude Kendall - Wonder Barbee - Indignata Jones -
Claudio Fonnesu - Maria Malo Lopez - Sostanza di -
Darkam Arcadia - Vesna Parchet - Alma -
Sil Vicius - Mike Fedrizzi - Richard Kyriakide's -
Carla Clarke - Egos Demos - Duccio Stefanelli.

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