venerdì 19 febbraio 2016

Esthisis- ArtCore Exhibition

"e mi uscì un idea dalla testa"
("I have an idea, and comes from the head")

In December I participated to my second ArtCore Exhibition,
in West- London(close to Portobello Market). 
I exposed all of my best production of Metamorphosis and
 all my monsters , strong characters..
Some drawings are old,
some are been made for this occasion.
I painted also the mural(unfinished) on the top.

"Pianta carnivora"
("Carnivorous plant") 
Charcoal and Ink on paper

Acrylics on canvans 

Gloss on glass
75 x 50

"Metamorphosis"is the Kafkan dream of transforming into an insect or the action in itself of transformation is the main source of inspiration in this work.
In this work many preoccupations appear in a variety of dark and surreal shapes. These are the product of every legalised injustice,they show themselves there without embarrassment.Monsters that society hides, hypocrital words of politicians,behind the shiny of the glass windows of the huge multinationals that invest capital in imperialist wars,in gentrification projects to get rid of all the poor people in cities.
Centipedes, spiders and beetles in inhuman dimensions coming out of radioactive dumps and everyday fears, sometimes appear with beautiful anatomical,vegetative and dynamic structures or terrible humanised monsters like grotesque oppressors. So in this way with a magical or excorsising intention, I present them here to you, denouncing reality. 

Thanks to Dan and Jeff and all the Art Core Crew.


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