venerdì 1 febbraio 2019

No ad Day in London (November2018)

If the advertisement communication is based on a rational ,positivist and authoritarian source {either direct and indirect way} Instead, this last work is totally & subversively based on subconscious and free language, using the dadaist/surrealist technique called "cut-up", to get rid-of all the mental cages and inhibitor brakes.Printing 3 details of one of my old abstract drawing 100 times and pasting it up in one go haphazardly for 100 times , indeed it was making a simultaneous shot of my inner flux.
''No title No Ad''#noadDAY 


Lets hack the city! 
International no-ad day!
Liberate our streets from toxic advertising. Grab yourself a set of keys to the city and have some fun!

An article talking about "NO-AD day" by MEDIUM

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