martedì 10 luglio 2018

Royal Shit Posters Exhib.

Designs for the street posters exhibition
 Deptford Hight Street

lunedì 5 marzo 2018

Let's SQUAT em'all- Murales

matt on wall
{Few weeks maybe}
a squat in

Effort surviving to the dark winter!
A battle against capitalistic development of the areas and the oppressive dynamics that the society reflecting in our ghetto!
"Let's squat em'all!"

Liberta' X Ghespe

"Libertà per Ghespe"
news from anarchistWeb
Benefit for Anarchist prisoner*
Lino-cut printed on A3
Limited edition 20 copies

Drop-Squatting Campaign SUBV.

Drop>>Squatting Campaign by me & Ceffon SquArt
Whitechapel London

Drop your landlord

Drop your easy life

Drop your husband

Drop your hopes and dreams

Quit your job

Drop everithing

Drop your preparation for your confortable future

Get out and re-start from your own.


(freely inspired by Breto'n poem)

GODI!(no-gender69) Painted van

The last work of the2017 that it took me 104 hours to be painted (6 Sun light hours every day).
In Valls Barcellona
Commissioned by Indio Indiana
Thanks also to Alle Luia& #Cruce and #Belzeb
for de time spent together.