D.I.Y.- Autoproduzioni

"Squat the Lot"
25x20 cm
June 2016

"Pirates in my mind"
25x20 cm
June 2016

25x20 cm
June 2016

Mono-type print
oil colours

Lino prints on stickers 
25x20 cm
oil colours
Limited series of 25 copies

Screen Printed
in Black Ink
Painted in Red
55 x40 cm
Limited Series of 25 copies

Lino prints
12x12 cm
oil colours
Limited series of 55 copies



High quality screen-printed t-shirts.
made on the Minesweeper Collective boat.

"Senza alcun ritorno"
(No return)

"Michail Bakunin"
Picture of the famous russian anarchist. 

"Atrocity Exhibition"

Asylums with doors open wide
Where people had paid to see inside
For entertainment they watch his body twist
Behind his eyes he says, "I still exist"

This is the way, step inside

In arenas he kills for a prize
Wins a minute to add to his life
But the sickness is drowned by cries for more
Pray to God, make it quick, watch him fall

This is the way, step inside

You'll see the horrors of a faraway place
Meet the architects of law face to face
See mass murder on a scale you've never seen
And all the ones who try hard to succeed

This is the way, step inside

And I picked on the whims of a thousand or more
Still pursuing the path that's been buried for years
All the dead wood from jungles and cities on fire
Can't replace or relate, can't release or repair
Take my hand and I'll show you what was and will be

"Clara Primavera"
A picture of mother nature.

"Franz Kafka"
Tribute to the great libertarian, surrealism , avant garde writer.

"Gaetano Bresci"
Omage to the great individualist/anarchist from Prato 
.He was famous to be the killer of Italian King.

On the left a note from Bresci after the regicide:
I didn't kill the king!
I didn't kill Umberto!
I killed a concept!
It is not a crime It is a fact..soon the revoluction.

"Gas Mask"
A gestaltic picture.

"Neri come la notte"
(Dark like the night)
A.c.a.b.illustration inspired by a HC punx song.
 On the left lyrics from Ludd s song 

"The end"
Short and dark comic about London.

"Lack of gravity in Leningrad"
Illustration ispired by the book " Master and Margherita"
it written by Bulgakov.

High quality prints A3
in the original and precious ,
fine Florentine cardboard.

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