giovedì 12 febbraio 2015

Lombroso - Murales/Video

Painted in a Squat

All of this material have been skiped.



Il capitalismo è barbarie- Murales

Il padre

Il figlio

Lo spirito $anto

Painted in a squat in Deptford

All of this material have been skiped.


Mansuetudine cristiana - Canvas


This pieces is a large, frightening canvas that depicts a monstrous creature with four eyes, two vampiric teeth, a serpent’s body, wearing a clerical collar and with a crucifix hanging from its neck. In addition, the monster is accompanied by two red serpents set in a disarming, brutal and savage atmosphere; a desert of human carcasses, most probably eaten by the monster. The title of this piece is ironically called “Christian docility” ; a provocative title that denounces the religious western world. His other canvasses are also disturbing and ‘grind-core’.

Acrylic on canvas
1.14 x 1.46 x 2cm

Painting for the Minesweeper collective exhibition

Dec 2014

Contamineted countryside- Canvas

Acrilic on canvans
61 H x 61 Wx4 cm

This canvas portrays a windy and rocky landscape 
depicting an almost electric and stormy atmosphere
 where we see two pylons in perspective and two monstrous metaphorphoses
 flying about in the sky : enormous beetles with feet made of tree branches
 although one of which also a hairy four-eyed humanoid.

Painted for the Minesweeper Exibition

Dec 2014


mercoledì 4 febbraio 2015

Devolution - Painting

Acrilic on canvas
61 H x 61 W x 4 cm

The canvas entitled “Devolution” is red and black
 and shows the portrait of a humanoid
 with a triple transfigured face and which represents primitive man,
 monkey and skeleton. 
This nihilist painting, like all of his other pieces, 
offers an opposing point of view to that of evolution.

Painting for the Minesweeper collective exibition

Dec 2014