sabato 27 agosto 2016

Sub-vertising Banner

Aylesbury estate in Elephant and Castle(London), is one of the most gentrificated place in Europe.(Stories about violent evictions also stories about resistance and“grassroots housing movement”).

More than 3000 popular houses are been demolished to make new luxury flats! 

More than 3000 popular houses are been demolished for international finance capital. 
What they call for Aylesbury Regeneration is just:"DisRespect the comunity!" is "Social Cleansing".
Let's subvert the Rulling class propaganda!
Subvertising Crew
Pic by Hogre and Feccia.

Summer 2016

From London to Italy: Sub-vertising Exhibitions

"Flowerz Gaz"- in collaborazione - "Neri come la notte"
Acrilici sui poster

Ponte della questura


"Open Cage"
una gabbia alla fermata di Piazza Dalmazia.
Una gabbia aperta, sconfitta, con nessuno dentro!
120x 65
Sub-vertising crew

Lu Porku at Stazione Leopolda 
 120 x 120 
Sub-vertising Crew

Footman in Florence
acrilici e kine su stampa
120x 180
Fermata del bus Spartaco Lavagnini(vicino Piazza della Libertà)

*foto Stelleconfuse e Feccia

Sub-vertising Crew

Photo by HOGRE

Recently in London breathing is became a big deal!
120 x 180 cm
On Walworth road (Elephant and Castle)

quite close to the 56A
Sub-vertising Crew

No justice no peace- Painting on Shutter

Oppressed by landslords and and Bailiff-Ready to fight back!

"No justice No peace" (on the shutter of Danys Van)


Mixed media

It took me 2days to paint it!

"No justice-No peace"

illustration for Strike! magazine

ink on paper.

Lino-Cut Workshop at The Minesweeper boat

"Squat the lot"

"an employer"

"No limits" (Download this file!- HD) 


(Download this file!- HD) 


"notitle"(Thadé) Street poster in Lille

"notitle"(in collaboration with Thadé)
rue Bartelemie Delespaul [Lille]
Uniposca on paper

Thadè Studio

Two different artists that they have in common Black and white surreal illustration style!
Two days to work on it and to know each other as friends as artist.

Exhibition Mines+What's Art collective

"Barrier Europe"


"Lichene man"

Crédit photo : Hugo Imhof et Yessika Violon 

Two intense weeks spents in Exibitions , drinking Belgium Beers
(actually I've stopped drinking water for two weeks), paintings, sweet parties,love and cheerings.

During this time I've finished "Cosmopolitan". I drawn an Alien for Le Cagibis Zine and also I had painted a poster in collaboration with Thadè .
 I felt so welcome!Thanks to Sandra,Yessika,Thadè,Pacorrosa Lucette,Marjò and all' Whats art family.